Kolob Canyon

Kolob Meadow

Kolob Cliffs

Dylan Junction Trail

La Verkin Creek Falls

Big Cat Tracks

Kolob Arch Canyon

Fence and Red Cliff

Up the Creek

Hop Valley End

Oaks Sun Grasses

Hop Valley Matt

Finding Shade

Glowing Ferns

Dylan Leaving La Verkin

Stripes and Bonzai

Adam and Dylan in Wildcat Canyon

Deer in Camp

West Rim Dylan

Holes and Stripes

West Zion Panorama

Island in the Sky

West Rim Sunset

Dylan Makes Dinner

West Rim Sunrise

Trail Engineering

Foliage In a slot


Tree Against Cliff

Looking Up at West Rim

Angels Landing

Rest for the Weary

Looking Towards the Narrows

Top of Angels Landing

Wonderland Trail

A 93 mile hike around the base of Mt Rainier.

John Muir Trail 2017

I solo hiked the John Muir Trail in July 2017 northbound from Cottonwood pass to Yosemite. 237 miles of High Sierra in 14 Days. It was one of the highest snow years on record. These are the shots.

Kings Canyon Loop

A 75 mile hike through Kings Canyon National Park

Trans Zion Trek

A 5 day walk form the northwestern corner of Zion National Park to the southeastern exit.

High Sierra Trail

A weeklong expedition across the Sierra Nevada mountains starting in Sequoia National Park and ending atop Mt Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 states.

Horseshoe Meadows

A trip through the Horseshoe Meadows area south of Mt Whitney in the Sierra Nevada.

Rock Creek Lake

An April trip beyond Rock Creek Lake.

Winter in the Desert

I drive around the desert and explore the more remote areas of the Mojave

Desert Wandering

I live in the desert. I wander the desert. I observe the stillness and decay.

Route 66

Americas Mother road.

Salton Sea Pre 2000

I spent a lot of time traveling to the Salton Sea to photograph the wasteland.

Salton Sea Post 2000

My recent travels to the Sea find renewal.

Eagle Mountain

Once a mining town, then a private prison. Now mostly abandoned.